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paper pa‧per [ˈpeɪpə ǁ -ər] noun
1. [uncountable] material in the form of thin sheets used for writing things on, wrapping things etc:

• plants that make chemicals for the paper industry

ˈlisting ˌpaper , conˌtinuous ˈpaper [uncountable] COMPUTING
paper made for use on computer printers, where the sheets are joined together and can be separated later
2. [countable] a newspaper:

• Many daily papers have a financial section.

• The Hollywood Reporter is a trade paper (= one that reports on a particular industry ) for the film industry.

3. on paper a) if you put ideas or information on paper, you write them down:

• We need to get these ideas down on paper.

b) if something seems to be true on paper, it seems to be true as an idea, but may not be true in a real situation:

• It's a nice idea on paper, but you'll never get it to work.

4. [uncountable] also financial paper FINANCE Securities (= bonds etc) that can be traded on financial markets, rather than cash, and the certificate S (= documents) relating to them:

• Mitsubishi is to issue (= make available and sell ) as much as 200 billion yen of paper.

• There are times when people are doubtful of the viability of the financial paper they hold.

ˈbank ˌpaper [uncountable] FINANCE
Bills Of Exchange that can be traded on financial markets
ˈbearer ˌpaper [uncountable] FINANCE
any type of bond, share etc where the owner's name is not officially recorded, but the owner is considered to be the person who has it in their possession
comˈmercial ˌpaper [uncountable] FINANCE
a type of borrowing by companies and institutions in the form of loans where lenders do not have the right to take the assets of the borrower if they fail to repay. These loans are given for a period of a year or less:

• The company recently refinanced from intermediate bonds to short-term commercial paper.

• The rate on 90-day prime commercial paper (= one with the lowest risk of not being repaid ) was 7.57%.

ˈfine ˌpaper [uncountable] FINANCE
commercial paper with only a small risk that the borrower will not repay the loan and where, therefore, the seller of the paper gives a smaller discount (= reduction in relation to its value) than usual when it is traded
5. papers [plural] documents used by a person or organization in their work:

• The hotel filed papers (= officially sent them to the authorities ) three weeks ago, seeking various building permits.

• According to court papers, the judge's decision was based on the bank's failure to comply with banking laws.

ˌship's ˈpapers TRANSPORT
documents that every ship must always have ready for officials to look at, including the certificate, the log, and documents relating to any goods or passengers that are being carried
6. [countable] an official document you need in order to do something:

• Once all the necessary papers have been signed, the house is yours.

ˌworking ˈpapers [plural]
an official document you need in the US in order to get a job if you are young or were born outside the US:

• Migrants lined up each morning to apply for working papers.

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   Colloquially used, paper refers to any securities.

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paper UK US /ˈpeɪpər/ noun
[U] thin, flat material used for writing, printing, or drawing on: »

There was a huge stack of papers on her desk.

a sheet/piece of paper »

Someone had printed the memo on yellow sheets of paper and posted it around the office.


The paper industry recovery of the last year shows little sign of slowing down.

[C] a newspaper, or the company that owns and operates a newspaper: »

Murdoch has made an offer to buy the paper.

in the papers »

There was nothing about the trial in the papers this morning.


an article in Hong Kong's leading financial paper


a daily/weekly paper


a local/national paper

[U] (also financial paper) FINANCE assets in the form of bonds, shares, etc., as opposed to cash: »

The rise in share prices encourages bidders to issue their own paper.


The system failed because people realized that the securitized financial paper was not worth the top rating it had received.

papers — Cf. papers
LAW, GOVERNMENT an official government or legal document: »

Lawyers argued in papers submitted last month that lower courts were wrong to dismiss the lawsuit.


The committee issued a paper stating that further information and analysis was required.

[C] a piece of writing on a particular subject, written by an expert and usually published in a book or journal: »

The paper recommends a series of steps for dealing with the problem.

on paper — Cf. on paper
See also BEARER PAPER(Cf. ↑bearer paper), COMMERCIAL PAPER(Cf. ↑commercial paper), FINE PAPER(Cf. ↑fine paper), TRADE PAPER(Cf. ↑trade paper), WHITE PAPER(Cf. ↑white paper), WORKING PAPER(Cf. ↑working paper)

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